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Round-up of recent and current work
What I did last summer
Tom Phillips and A Humument: Essays, notes
Deskilling Learning? On "strong" and "weak" agile learning
Notes on Emergent Learning
School it Yourself: Review of The Edupunks' Guide and How to Set Up a Free School
What's holding Open Access publishing back?
On ecosystems, Adam Curtis and positions of power
The Whys and Wherefores of Creativity and Sharing: Review of Making is Connecting
Round-up of recent writing in other places
Purpos/ed: What's the purpose of education
Open, trusting, generous: review of Monkeys With Typewriters, a book on leadership
Do we need an agile learning community of practice?
Unplugged! The Agile Learning newspaper
Can we make a newspaper about self-organised learning?
Tony Hall on teaching by not teaching
Ollie Nørsterud Gardener: an entrepreneur's vision of peer-to-peer learning in organisations
Resilience and scaling down in the face of decline (Dougald Hine discussion, part 2)
Dougald Hine on School of Everything and asset-based development
Home rules: Annie Weekes on how and why home education works
Agile Learning meetups in London
Agile Learning is what you do when you have to 'make do'
Fred Garnett on how to create new contexts for your own learning
Elaborating on Agile Learning
David Gauntlett on "making is connecting" and the end of factory learning
Dick Moore on Agile Learning, Agile Software Development and the Mobile Internet
Agile Learning: better results for less money
University of Death by Sean McManus: A Review
Counterculture, Cyberculture and Innovation: the strange case of Stewart Brand
More on self-organised learning
Reflections on Longplayer Live
Progressive austerity and self-organised learning
Round-up of talk and interviews
Applying the lessons of to libraries and learning
Support Longplayer Live
Social media old and new: two contrasting networks
My five mind apples
Fighting cultural surplus: a review of Bill Drummond's 17
Why the net won't turn us all into social isolationists
On Slow Blogging
Culture and Learning: response to consultation paper
Against Method in Innovation
The Age of the Free MP3 Player
Looking for examples of social networking for professional development
Does the nature of social networks limit their growth?
Animating the future of population and cities
More on building networks
On networking events: broadcasting information or building relationships?
Net, Blogs and Rock'n'Roll is published
Top Ten tools for learning
Is Web 2.0 a manifesto for anarchism?
Revisiting Subscription versus A-La-Carte models
Buy my first book!
Some tweaking to this site
Give me back my tags: portable attention data
Are the Creative Archive and remix culture being sidelined?
Review of Barb Jungr: Walking in the Sun
Is Yahoo clamming up: authenticity and transparency under threat? makes personal radio stations easily shareable
Of wise and foolish crowds
BBC Music web resources updated and integrated
Personalised learning
Be patient, it's a longplayer
Quantity not quality: a year's worth of CDs and where they came from
Blogs, wikis, 'voice' and accountability
Back in the blogging seat
Steven Johnson and Brian Eno at the ICA
Just what the world needs: another music wiki
Hibernation and software upgrade
Soundflavor moves into music recommendation client software
Wikipedia to bifurcate?
UK survey of digital music and discovery
Review of Mark Abis: Changing Inside
Trends and substitution between media platforms
Third year web site charts
Playlist services: Mixlister review and FIQL re-vamp
Knowledge, power and mobilising a lobby through Wikipedia
Review of The Long Tail by Chris Anderson
Information foraging theory
Top online brands and the calculation of charts
Why is Pandora big in Beverly Hills?
Learning Light web site launches, research published
Does blog marketing undermine the credibility it depends on?
About blog updates
Full versions of articles now available
Blogging, learning, and going off at tangents
Now appearing on Futurelab's blog
Groups and behaviour patterns among music listeners
A clutch of future-gazing events to plug
Behaviour patterns in collecting music and video
Book announcement: Net, Blogs and Rock'n'Roll
Aggregating the non-music stuff about music
Spoofing music recommendation services and personalised radio
Experimental prototype of BBC Programme Catalogue
Celestial jukebox moves a little closer?
Satellite and internet radio recording: 'could' versus 'should'
Neil Young: Living With War
Virtual listening sessions with your buddies
Update on playlist services
Review of White Bicycles by Joe Boyd
Visualisation of music collections educational use of weblogs
Copyright infringement in shared playlists: don't blame the carrier?
Music recommendation data spread about
Musicube sharing of BBC listening profiles
UKLeaP learner profile published by BSI
Something fishy about MusicStrands recommendations
Is Pandora opening up?
Radio feature on Audio Branding
Film is not the art of scholars, but of illiterates
Is it the music or the player that's free?
Is the dust settling on podcasting?
Yahoo: music and authenticity
Audio Branding Event, 23 February
Online radio revisited and updated
Publishing your perspective and expertise with Squidoo
Active and passive music listening
Peer-to-peer recommendations coming to mobile
Personalised radio moves to mobile
Playlist portability: comparative review
6 down, 994 to go
Great gigs in London for a tenner or less
Research on playlists and sharing as means of recommending music
MusicStrands: playlist sharing and music discovery
Resonance FM — five more years
Musical Battleground — article in The Spectator
E-learning 2.0, whatever that is
Will Internet music radio have no competition?
Why birds, and neanderthals, sing
A cure for messy music metadata?
Does music have a genome?
Theatre of Voices UK tour performing Stockhausen
No Music Day
Use case examples of Web 2.0
Discovering new music: rationality and randomness
The slow evolution of DAB digital radio devices
The spectrum of song: Jeays, Jenkins, Roberts
Event: digital film/cinema
More usability nightmares with DRM
E-learning podcasts and the wonders of transcripts
Recording the Lea Valley: sound and vision
How niche radio combines broadcast and on-demand formats
Proliferation of music products
Sharing book recommendations
Games, puzzles, simulations and role-plays
Adelphi Charter on creativity, innovation and intellectual property
Games and learning design
Recording online radio vs. podcasts
Age and tradition in music buying
Record labels make their own documentaries
Finding and auditioning music online
Stealth P2P research and its limitations
Re-shaping The Guardian and the failed promise of personalisation
In-depth music documentary sources
New section archives
'CMALT' launched at learning technology conference
Growing the market for music as an experience
Second year web site charts
Browse interface for BBC Creative Archive clips
Werner Herzog film season and conference
Bigmouth Strikes Again — Five Eight article
Blog of Forced Entertainment new show re-starts
iPod death leads to music buying paralysis
Aggregation of data across social networks
iTunes an unreliable gatekeeper for podcasts?
Jotspot wiki for e-learning guidance
BBC 6 Music podcasts and learning
Last word (for now) on playlist sharing
Furl shared bookmarks (and hiatus)
Mixmatcher playlist sharing service
Launch of the Network Users' Forum, ten years ago
FIQL: a further playlist service
Playlist sharing services: a comparative review
An American ballad collection: Playlist #3
Evaluation of Learning Activity Management Systems
Licensing of BBC music audio and video
Slow walk for longplayer on summer solstice
Incense and Playlist #2
Doris Lessing and Laurie Anderson: rough notes
Playlist #1: Neil Young celebrity playlist
Usability of People's Network Enquire service
Creating legal independent music podcasts
Full article on the economics of consumer attention now available
Tufte, PowerPoint and oratory
Teaching as performance
Bootstrap Network/interview with me
Old singers, old songs
BBC geek archive (sort of)
Recommendations for enhancing iTunes' sharing features
Update on Learning Activity Management Systems
Freesound project: Flickr for sound samples
The Roots of London Calling
Downloading from the radio
Time and Timelessness: Laurie Anderson, Doris Lessing, Jem Finer
BBC Online Music Library tender
Creative Archive launches licence; where's the pilot?
How many CDs are there in the world? Gracenote and metadata
Radio David Byrne and Celebrity Playlists
Happy Birthday Frukt!
Researching how communities share music via iTunes
Researching use of personal stereos: Sounding out the City
I am fifty-quid-bloke, plus inflation
Union guide for e-learning
Implementing the BS 8426 British Standard for supporting online learners
What does On-Demand Media really mean?
New learning styles for digital environments
The re-invented cassette format for the digital age
E-learning for music technology
Classification of online music resources
Notes on Playback (Mark Coleman)
How to teach art: notes from RSA lecture
Radio on mobiles
Does Google have something against wikis?
More reviews of cultural 'companions'
Course in Supporting Learning Relationships Online
Eno vs. Blair; Art vs. politics
Blogging Forced Entertainment's new show
What's wrong with e-learning: product and process
Adoption of games and wireless technologies for e-learning
Twelve thousand people are buried here
Napster, iTunes and Xdrive: multiple music models
Online Social Networks Conference (feeling overloaded)
Shadowy music promotion in online social networks
The politics of location-based technologies
Resources on e-learning in museums, libraries and archives
User interface for on-demand radio
Single- and multi-purpose devices (iPod & Mac Mini)
Art applications of ubiquitous computing
The records to beat
Public Service Broadband content
January digital networking meeting
Musical youth and middle-age spread
'CMALT' Accreditation for e-learning professionals
Bill makes it chic to be a communist again
Collective Blanket Licensing: simple and usable?
More Martini Media
Long bets
Why I'm boycotting Picturehouse Cinemas and the Brixton Ritzy
Lists, lists of lists and meta-lists
What's on my iPod
Using social spaces to seed sales
A virtuous circle of free and paid-for material
Where broadcasting blurs into downloading
Seminar on 'Supporting e-learners', 20 Jan 02005
Latest on the BBC Creative Archive
21st Century library services
Measuring learning: how, what, where and why
Christian Marclay at Tate Modern
The limitations of search for supporting learning
Jim Griffin on paying for music
Content vanishes from BBC web sites
UK Lifelong Learner Profile (UKLeaP): draft for comment
Back-of-a-fag-packet prescription for the music industry
Roundtable discussion: Beyond the digital download
Does content protection undermine usability?
Confusion is merely the state of being well informed
Digital media networking meeting in London
The Music of Loudspeakers (notes from CyberMusic event)
The economics of consumer attention
Outline for social software to enhance personal media collections
Learning songcraft via the web
iPods, podcasting and learning
Unpacking the digital boxed set concept
The tricky ergonomics of mobile video
New DJ Alchemi bookmarks and feeds
Of Walking in Ice, in Hertfordshire
RadioSHARK (post postscript)
Towards a taxonomy of 'making of' features
Handheld satellite radio: one more harbinger
Thanks for more than a lifetime contribution
Forced Entertainment: Indoor Fireworks festival
Podcasting: another harbinger of martini media
Pressure building for access to BBC radio archives
Ecademy networking meeting for media sector
Article on the evolution of social software
Review of online artwork by Stanza
RSA Day of Inspiration: my notes
FURL: creating and sharing better bookmarks
Results of Guardian digital music survey
Paying for music in the next decade
Usability of museum web sites
This is not a music museum
Me and Mr Mu
Handy ways to listen to online radio
Enforced licensing of BBC radio archive
The BBC's digital direction
The ingredients of online radio
Cues for learning about and discovering new music
Building a wiki learning resource
An embarrassment of riches
The job I'm aiming for
BBC interactive Media Player: news & review
Rise of digital intermediates in D-cinema
Guardian digital music survey
Web site charts
Guidance for e-learning agreements
Developments in digital radio
Preliminary sketch for online music listener research
The Sound of Life
Information on the go: an effective publicity stunt
Maybe iPods are the end of radio after all?
BBC 6 Music as a learning resource
Saluting the Placard London Headphone festival
'Innovative practice' e-learning article published
Jem Finer on music and creative commons
The new gatekeepers for discovering music
BBC 6 Music and usability of archives
Online tutor workload and poor research publishing
Review of David Toop's Haunted Weather
Friends of the BBC Creative Archive
Is digital cinema fixated with wide shots?
A brief hiatus
David Toop radio interview
Proceedings of music and technology event
Wikis and learning
Puttnam on digital impact: my notes
Museums and online learning: a case study
RSA 250th anniversary event
More art radio
Authorial archiving
Learning from Tom Phillips: We are the people
More on unprogrammed learning
Are you red/green colour-blind?
Lord Puttnam lecture on digital technology and film
New(ish) art radio station
Alain Resnais film season
Mobile information appliances for museums
Cultivating unprogrammed learning
Online art review
Learning to serve God online
Defining cultural learning
E-learning metadata British Standard published for comment
David Byrne and the (bogus) PowerPoint art debate
Publication of North West E-learning Strategy
E-commerce usability
Impact of DVDs on film aesthetics
BBC Creative Archive and 'Martini Media'
More Werner Herzog Quotes
Schadenfreude isn't in MS Word's dictionary...
Simple overview of e-learning standards
Sunday afternoon anarchists
George Lucas on aesthetics of digital film making
Doubts about models for listening to music in the future
Pretending he just doesn't see?
E-learning accreditation proposals for comment
Why online radio is the model for listening to music in the future
Notes for broadband service providers
Online Business Networking
Douglas Coupland play: September 10
Digital versus analogue
Review of John Cage weekend
Why digitise cultural collections?
Yoko Ono - Odyssey of a cockroach
Social software and venture capital
Usability of Online Content
Antonio Calderara
Notes and resources on digital cinema
Brains, culture, then what?
Classifications for tutor support in e-learning
Intermission for genre compliance
Are long periods of copyright ownership ever justified?
Web resources for Theo Angelopoulos films
Music industry not in crisis?
Workshops on e-learning accreditation scheme
Robert Fripp on ethical and creative businesses
Learning Activity Management Systems
Gloria Grahame's Eyebrows
Managing tutor support for e-learning
How boring is the e-learning market?
Spam for Christmas
Music from North Korea
RSA Music and Technology event - 15 January
Digital cinema and changing film aesthetics
Event: Future of the UK e-learning market
Skills for Online Teaching
Digital convergence and music (business) resources
Accreditation for learning technologists
Imminent relocation of office and home
Larking about with Sonic Art
Transnational Institutions and Sovereignty
"Intelligent Street" Interactive Music
#2 Past Projections of Future User Interfaces
Online Courses in Contemporary Art Announced
#1 Past Projections of Future User Interfaces
Agent-based user interfaces for collaboration
Korean Cinema and Carl Dreyer Web Resources
"Culture Online" first projects announced
More on the Future of Music
Boyle Family - London Sound Study
John Cage Uncaged - January 2004
Life After Fire: Werner Herzog
LeTTOL wins National Training Award
Age and Unrest
#2 My Neil Young Archives
Eno on the Long Now
Audio and Image: running commentaries on films
Longplayer: 1,000 Year Composition
Making and Listening to Music in the Future
#1 My Neil Young Archives
Seb Schmoller's Online News Service
Text and Index: supporting the reading of culture
Learning through social relations
#1 Reasons to live in England
Kafka Lite
Apprenticeship, and what is e-learning really good for?
Pensions Solutions in the Creative Sector?
In Dreams, I Walk With Metadata
Robert Wilson at Sadlers Wells
Digital Film Distribution: mitigated success
Mind Your Head festival, South Bank
Multimedia Soundtoys 1996/2003
David Kelly and the Baha'i Faith
Tate E-learning — a quick critique
Blogging and E-learning
North Korea's Nukes
Neil Young 'Rust Fest' 26-28 September
Folk music and protest festival, Barbican
The Draughtsman's Contract
Cambridge Folk Festival - Review
Julian Cope, live, 30 Oct - 1 Nov
North West E-learning Strategy
British Standard for Supporting E-learning
Imaginary Evidence by Forced Entertainment
Cybersonica 2003 Symposium
Online Learning Clusters
Visconti weblinks
After the War: Bush's America and World Order
Neil Young — live review (19 May 2003)
Laurie Anderson - Live review (9, 11 May 2003)
Yo La Tengo - Live review (7 May 2003)